Social Media Manging

You’re a busy professional, trying to grow your business in the most effective and efficient ways possible. So stop stretching yourself and your team thin by trying to do it all. We bet a lot of those tasks are being juggled by people with better things to do. So hand them over to a social media manager!

  • Does it feel like the work just keeps stacking up?

  • Are good opportunities slipping through the cracks?

  • Are you cutting into your free time to get more done?

  • Is recruiting and turnover a constant headache?

  • Does your team feel stretched thin and overworked?

Time is money. With experienced, proven virtual assistant, you’ll never have to waste either of those again.


Quit wasting time worring about your social media content and focus on your business!


Doing everything yourself is wasting your time and holding you back.

Choose a plan that works best for you...

Level 1

  1.   Planning out your customer


  2.   3 posts Monday-

    Wednesday- Friday to Instagram & Facebook (may include other platforms upon request, but never to exceed 2 total platforms for Level 1 Service)

  3.  Curate and post an array of

    custom content, unique to your brand, keeping your name/ business in front of potential customers at all times

  4.   Promotional posts will

    highlight your services and products


Level 2
Everything in Level 1


1. Daily posts Monday-Friday

2. Choice of Instagram or Facebook Stories (utilizing posts) for maximum reach and engagement

3. Monthly running paid FB ads.

4. The ability to request weekly content planning to include review and editing options before they go live.

5. Weekly strategy calls with Kimberly


Level 3

Everything in Level 1 & 2 Plus:
1. Setting up and

managing Video based accounts on Youtube and/or TikTok.

2. Coaching on building a video presence.

3. Editing and uploading videos to Youtube and/or TikTok as provided.

$497/mo (first month 25% off)