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Online Coaching with Kimberly Koester

A Happy Life Is Within Reach

Meet Kimberly

Certified life Purpose Coach 

  • Life Purpose Coach

    As a life purpose coach I  help people discover their life purpose and bring it to fruition. I love teaching clients how to find deep fulfilment in the midst of uncertainty and chaos... especially at mid-life! Allow me to help you identify who you really are, what unique gifts you have to offer, what your values are, and where your heart is leading you. Then they teach ways for you to take action on this newly uncovered knowledge.

Autumn Road

What I Specialize In

Refocusing Your Purpose

Startup Mentality

Aging Joyfully With Self-Care

Setting Lifestyle Goals

Adulthood Relationships

Copying Down

Stop Wasting Time And Money, And Start Saving Both with

Virtual Assisting.

“Kimberly has been so helpful to getting my business visable on social media freeing up my time to do what I enjoy most.”

- Amie Larson

“I love that Kimberly has taken the time to really get to know my style and personality in order to represent my business online.”

- Dani Green

“Working with Kimberly has really fun, she gets what I am wanting to say to my customers. ”

Amanda Price

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